Brosis Group is an offshore Information & Technology company with more than 3 years of experience in providing real world IT solutions on a global basis. These solutions include website design, development and implementation, e-commerce solutions, web based applications, mobile based applications, SEO, SMO, etc.

We specialize in Website Design & Development and Mobile Development. With our extensive experience of 12+ years in the industry, we have served over 200+ clients in over 10+ nations from various industry backgrounds. We have had a hand in Mobile Development right from its inception 2 years ago. Our portfolio boasts the design and development of over 100 mobile apps, games and responsive websites.

Brosis offers all of its clients the option to sign Non Disclosure Agreements upon project initiation. We have strict security protocols that govern our work methodology and take precaution against all safety and security risks. Additionally, our hiring process ensures that we only employ industry experts with a sense of integrity and conscience. Our employees would never partake in intellectual theft at the risk of their careers.

We follow robust methodology to ensure the security and ownership of the project. We use black box testing and have a special department for QA and QC that takes care of every project under the process. Right from functionality testing to system and Unit to integration testing, everything is assured 'OK' before handing over the final product to the client.

Brosis has a very thorough and profession methodology. We do not consider a project complete until and unless A project is not deemed complete until proper documentation is provided. We believe it is our professional responsibility to provide well-documented code. It also helps us in future projects to enhance functionality if and when the Client requires it.

Web Dessigning & Development

Yes, we can. Our designers and developers are well versed in a wide range of technologies and can provide assistance in the maintenance and further development of any website. Unless your website is built on a rare or obscure platform, we will most certainly be able to help you out.

CMS or Content Management System is a software framework that allows you to maintain, edit and refresh the content on your website without the need for technical coding knowledge. Utilizing a CMS is highly recommended in case of multiple users with multiple roles and access on your website.

Static websites are coded using only HTML which means every page is independent and does not rely on a database or external file for operation. Static pages require individual modification, with each page requiring separate changes. Dynamic websites are coded using PHP or ASP and offer greater functionality via use of a Content Management System (CMS). They also include database and external support. Updates and changes are easier to perform as they do not require knowledge of HTML.

We use the standard Model View Controller (MVC) architecture for website design and development due to its effectiveness. Our frameworks vary based on the project details.

Yes, we serve web hosting requests.

Mobile Apps Development

Yes, we design and develop mobile applications across all major platforms like iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and Symbian. We also provide cross-platform services for running a single app over multiple platforms using tools like PhoneGap, Sencha Touch, Titanium, etc.

Yes, you can have us make changes to your app after its launch. However, these services will have additional charges. We recommend adequate scope definition before the project start in order to avoid incurring additional development costs post launch.

Yes, we do; and we do it for free. However, the subscription fee levied by the app store company will have to be borne by you.

The framework we use for an applications development depends on the platform chosen by the client. For the iOS platform, we utilize the iOS SDK, Xcode and other tools provided by Apple Inc. For Android, we utilize the Android SDKs and for cross platform development we advise the client on the advantages and disadvantages of every platform and discuss upon the most suitable course of action.

Yes, we provide mobile application marketing services. Please contact our sales team or send us a query regarding your app marketing needs.

Hiring Model

No, our clients are not charged for a developers leaves or vacations except in the case of allotted company offs and national holidays.

While our rigid hiring process ensures that we only employ individuals with high levels of professionalism, in case a client feels he would prefer another developer, we hold a discussion with you regarding the problem you are facing and try to find a solution to it. After an assessment of the problem and if deemed necessary, you will be assigned another developer to work with.

Of course you can! In fact, we encourage our clients to take out time to personally interview our developers so as to select the one best suited to their needs and requirements. We also provide our clients with detailed information on the selected candidates in regard to experience and expertise domains.

Yes, our developers are bound by their contract to maintain confidentiality regarding company affairs. They also sigh NDAs that have very strict penalty clauses.

Yes, we usually provide our clients with a project coordinator for their project needs. However, this is subject to the size and scope of the project. Please get in touch with our Sales Team or send us a query regarding the same for a detailed answer.

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