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Price - 5000 ₹

Bulk Email Software:


Discover our top bulk email software, designed to effortlessly manage mailing lists and set up effective email marketing campaigns in just a few steps. This product combines the ease of mass email software with the adaptability of a bulk email web service.. Enjoy creating newsletters and managing lists right on your desktop. Packed with incredible features, it offers a lifetime license with a single payment – no subscriptions required.

Product Features:

1-  Plans for Any Budget

Our Email Marketing plans starts from just Rs.977 for 25000 emails, we are offering different email marketing packages that suitable for any volume, budget and validity. For large volume customers and corporate companies, we are offering dedicated servers at special rates.

2- Advanced HTML Editor

We are integrated a high-end and easy to use HTML editor with our bulk email software for composing HTML Emails, it’s almost similar to an advanced work processor and you can use different fonts, font sizes, colors, images, links, tables etc.… to make your email campaign very attractive. The preview option allows you to view the composed email in live. The advanced spell checker allow you to make your email error free

3- Import from Excel

Our Bulk email software empower you to import over 100,000 contacts with in a 10 minutes . Effortlessly import data from Excel files & any other data base in the CSV format .

4- Real Time Email Tracking and Reporting

Tracking email campaign is very easy to handle and hassle free; with our bulk marketing software you will get live open & click tracking reports. With this feature you can easily understand who opens and read your email and how many of them visiting your website or click links in your email campaign, you can view and download their email IDs and can concentrate more on them as they are the real prospects. It’s some kind of lead generation.

5- Email Personalization

No matter the volume of emails you send, whether it’s thousands or millions, our software enables personalization with recipient’s name, company, location, and address. Boost inbox delivery, excite your subscribers, and drive more sales.

With our email marketing software, you have the freedom to create an unlimited number of custom data fields, such as place and company. Import subscribers’ details along with their Email IDs and easily include these personalized details when composing emails using our email personalization option. No need to craft individual emails, our bulk email marketing software handles automatic email generation for you. Simplify your email campaigns with ease.

6- Automatic Bounce Process
No need to worry about wrong email IDs in your list, You will get a detailed bounce report with soft and hard bounce separation, our bulk email software automatically remove all hard bounced emails from your email list.
7- Subscribe and Unsubscribe Option

Our bulk email software handles all Subscribe and Unsubscribe requests automatically, you can insert an Unsubscribe link in all email, when the user submit an Unsubscribe request the system automatically mark it as Unsubscribed

8- Free Personal Training and Support

Get personalized training from our Email Marketing Experts to efficiently use the software . We offers free online and telephone supports to all customers complemented by video tutorials and desktop sharing software for seamless assistance

9- Send More than 2 Lakhs Emails per day!

Our Bulk email marketing software is capable to send more than 2 lakhs emails per day. As our bulk email software is a web based one you don’t need to wait till the mail process complete, once you click the send button you can close the software and shutdown your PC. Our web-based software will run in the server 24*7 and will send all the emails automatically. You can view the progress / completed report when your login next time.

10- Unlimited Number of Email Marketing Campaigns

With our bulk mail  software, you have the freedom to create and store an unlimited number of email campaigns. Whenever you need to send them out, the process is simple and convenient. Advanced HTML Editor allows you to effortlessly create both HTML & Text-based emails.

11- Unlimited Number of Email List and Contacts

Our bulk email marketing software enables you to create an unlimited number of email lists, and within each list, you can have an unlimited number of contacts. Organizing your lists becomes seamless as you can categorize them based on various criteria such as location or nature of business. Additionally, our software provides an excel importing option, making it effortless to import data and manage your contacts efficiently.

12- Email Scheduling

You can create and schedule your email campaigns in advance for future dates, it can be weeks, months & for years. When the day come our bulk email software automatically send the email to the specified bulk email lists.

13- Advanced Anti-Spam Checker

This is a very useful tool integrated with our bulk email software, you can check and remove the can-spam words in your email with this tool when you compose the email. It will help you to deliver the emails to more people by bypassing the spam filters

14- Free and Unlimited Image Hosting

To follow effective bulk email practices, it is recommended to utilize hosted images in your email campaigns. By doing so, you can reduce the size of each email, which, in turn, enhances the delivery time and percentage of the successful deliveries.
Most of our competitors who are charging extra for image hosting facility. We are providing you unlimited image hosting completely free of cost with all our packages.

15- Email Marketing, the right way to boost your sales

Crux Mailer offers the ideal solution for all your email marketing requirements. It is a user-friendly, web-based Bulk Email Marketing Software that comes with integration to our dedicated bulk email SMTP servers, ensuring a top-notch bulk email marketing solution. The software boasts a range of features, including automatic bounce email processing, advanced email open/click reporting, an Advanced HTML Email Editor, a vast selection of free built-in Email templates, Excel-based Email ID import facility, powerful Bulk Email personalization, Free Image Storage, Spam Checker, advanced email list management, and Bulk Email Campaign scheduling, among others.

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