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Call Management App

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Call Management App:

A vast number of mobile users consider the call management app a crucial application. This app not only simplifies daily call history manager app but also offers additional features, enabling the execution of uncommon call-related tasks beyond the scope of native commands .

Android and iOS users have the advantage of a massive collection of apps for almost every situation. Each of these applications is available through “Google Play” and “ iPhone App store” so, you can rest assured that they are free from any kind of malware.

Product Features:

1- Interactive Call Management  Response

Interactive Call Management response app allows incoming calls, outgoing calls& missed calls data all are safe in this application, it provide message, Call, WhatsApp features without saving number, it also sends template message which is filled by users . In this section we add Remark on every cal that what is purpose of call .


2-Automatic SMS Generate

The ability to SMS generates every phone call Which is set by us for branding our business and work about that what do you. example : Thank you for Calling Brosis Technologies is filled in SMS setting(Auto) after that every incoming calls, outgoing calls, missed call this SMS are automatic Deliver to caller mobile number.

In this section, we receive 100 messages daily from users. It also offers a data interval feature, allowing us to control how frequently the messages will be sent according to our preferences .

3- Auto Save Template

In this, We have saved 3 SMS templates which is mostly used in our business and send the customer/ caller again and again. We Saved this Template one time and Send as per requirement. Template like this Address, Account info, etc.

4- Skills Based

Efficiently serve your customers by directing phone calls to the most suitable agent or department. Skill-based routing ensures effective handling, saving customers’ time and enhancing overall service quality.

5- Click to Call
Empower your customer agents with the ability to initiate calls effortlessly by simply clicking on a phone number. This boosts efficiency and streamlines communication, providing quick & effective access to all call logs and the database at their fingertips .
6-Save Whole data

All information is saved in the app, creating a data log of incoming calls and their frequencies . Later, you can access the complete call history whenever needed.
This app is very beneficial for the Business , Branding, Marketing, Startup of Business , Database management , Follow- up of Customer etc…

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