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Google Map Data Extractor


Price - 2k ₹


Google Map Data Extractor:

Google Map Data Extractor is a very useful tool that captures the contact information such as business name, address, phone number, email address, website address, zip code & other important information from the Google maps. Our software use Google maps directions app to generate a list of leads in few seconds.

You can search by any categories or keyword such as: restaurants, architects, hotels etc. and in any location, city, state or country etc. You can use a zip codes or a radius in meters to get more specific searching results.

Now you will be able to generate a sales leads right from the Google maps, and also you can make more business contacts and be productive like never before, if you wish to do bulk mailings or bulk SMS marketing to a targeted categories, then this is one of the best software that will help you fetch the phone numbers & email addresses of your targeted categories.

Product Features:

100% accurate data

You can extract 100% genuine data from the google maps, and the listings are done by the companies themselves. unlike other business directories that hide the contact details with virtual numbers, with google maps, you will be able to view the genuine number.

Multiple Category & Location

Save time with our data extractor! Enter location names and categories, and it will work automatically. Extract data from multiple categories and locations effortlessly, allowing you to focus on other tasks while the software handles the rest.


1- Transferable License

Easily transfer your software license to another computer. Whether you’ve lost, crashed, or had your computer stolen, you have full access to transfer the license hassle-free.

2- Extraction speed

Our software extracts data at a speedy rate of 1-2 contacts per second. Utilizing Google Maps API enables faster contact extraction directly from the source .

3- Export capabilities

Once the data is extracted, you can export it in .csv or .sly format. Customize the exported fields according to your preference, making data management even more convenient.


4- Support Multiple Proxies.
You can use one or several proxies to protect your identity. Application can changes randomly the current proxy in each request from the list that you provide.
5- Email address Extraction

By default, google maps does not allow to extract the email address, but with our software is it possible to extract emails by visiting the website that is mentioned in the listing. The software will visit the website address and extract the email address available on that website.

6- Extract data globally

This software allows global data extraction, its simply input any city and category worldwide, then click the start button, and the software will initiate data extraction immediately.

7- Free Updates

Clients purchasing this software will receive lifetime free updates without any additional costs. It’s a one-time payment & you’ll enjoy continuous software improvements & enhancements without any extra charges.

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