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Google Search Data Extractor:

Google Search Data Extractor is a software that captures contact information such as contact numbers, email address & website address of business organization from google search results . for example: if you open & type a searchable keyword like “website designing companies in Mumbai” or “doctors in London”, Google apps will displayed a list of websites related to the searching keywords. Our software offers a comparable feature. When you input keywords, it automatically searches and visits the displayed list of websites, extracting phone numbers and email addresses.
The software allows you to enter multiple keywords, and it extracts data from all the entered keywords. It ensures a 100% genuine database since websites always display authentic phone numbers & email addresses. This puts us in an advantageous position to connect with the right people. Moreover, extracting more phone numbers and email addresses increases the chances of reaching our target audience .

Product Features:

1- 100% accurate data

The data extraction is from google search results. from the websites that are displayed when you search for something. The websites are live and the contact information available on them is 100% genuine.

2- Multiple Category & Location

You can directly type multiple search keyword directly in the software keyword section. The software will extract all the information from the current keyword and then move on to the next keyword till all the contacts are extracted.

3- Transferable License

You can transfer the software license from one computer to some other computer. this is handy if you have lost your computer, or if it crashes or stolen. You will have full access to transfer the license.

4- Multiple contact info

Since the data extraction from the websites, the software will extract all the contact information that available on the website. if the website has 5 email address and 3 phone numbers, it will extract all of them.

5- Export capabilities

After the data has been extracted, the data can be exported in .csv or. sly format. You can even select the kind of fields that you wish to export.

6- Support Multiple Proxies

You can use one or several proxies to protect your identity. Application can change randomly the current proxy in each request from a list that you provide.

7- Free Updates

You get free software upgrades. What you pay for the software is just one time. software is valid for lifetime.

8- Website list feature

You can also extract data from a list of websites. you can just copy and paste the list of websites and click on the start button. it will extract all contact information from all those websites.

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