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Hotel Booking System

Price - 60k ₹


Hotel Booking System:

Price – 60,000/- ₹ 

We offer various applications like front desk operations, Point of Sale, housekeeping, and more. Access reservations, MIS, dining services, and the hotel website seamlessly from one platform. The front desk interface serves as a centralized dashboard for managing hotel operations. Users can customize and handle multiple tasks efficiently.

Our hotel booking system seamlessly integrates with online & offline payment gateways, along with various e-wallets & other third-party services. This system enables users to efficiently manage inventory and rates across multiple channels, facilitating smooth booking processes.

Product Features:

BOOKINGS: You can see, add and edit the Bookings….
ROOMS: You can Add and Edit Rooms Functionality.
PACKAGES: You can add Offers Or manage Packages related holidays etc.…
RATES: This option is use for Set rates of rooms which have you construct. First of all You have to make Rooms From rooms section.
SERVICES: In this section we can add what type of services we give with the room besides facilities. We can add and edit different type of services.
FACILITIES: In this Section we can add and edit the facilities which we give with the room.
ACTIVITIES: In this section we can add and edit activities what we give when customer book the room. For example: Diving, Boating, Parachute riding, etc.
ACTIVITY SESSIONS: In this section we can add and edit activities session, but we have to make first Activity. After select the Activity session we can modify by price and timing. For example: Diving – people:2, charges: Timings. Etc.
COUPONS: By clicking New Button we can make coupons. and in this section, we can manage coupons which we made.
TAXES: For Add and edit TAXES section.
MENUS: This section help us to manage menu items on the website.
PAGES: This section works for add & edit pages for website.
ARTICLES: In this Section we can add & edit our creativity, this section give us opportunity to where our task must be shown. We have to select page which we made in the upper section or in the Modules section Pages.
WIDGETS: It means if you want to make a search bar in the page you can choose this module.
SLIDE SHOW: It uses to edit & add slide in the home page of the website.
MEDIAS: You can keep Media as photos in this section to use drag and drop, when you use or change media from anywhere. It shows right side of the admin panel in almost all modules.
COMMENTS: Add & edit comments that what you want to say, you can do here.
MESSAGES: This section for Messages who reply on the contact us form.
E-mail:  It controls the email of customer & self.
SOCIAL LINKS: We can manage Social link here.
LANGUAGES: Add & edit languages.
LOCATIONS: set locations.
USERS: This section add & Manage or modify the user details.
SETTINGS: In settings we can control Database, payment, contact details, etc.
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