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Multilevel Marketing (MLM)

Multilevel Marketing has become increasingly accessible thanks to a wide range of tools & technologies. However, when it comes to developing your MLM app, it is crucial to adhere to specific guidelines and criteria

Price - 60k ₹

MLM (Multilevel Marketing):

Price – 60,000/- ₹

MLM (Multilevel Marketing) has become more accessible due to the abundance of tools & technologies available. However, building a successful MLM app requires adhering to specific guidelines and criteria depending on the app’s nature. To expand your business, focus on acquiring more and more customers. In this architecture, every customer has the opportunity to earn.

Product Features:

1. Automatic Payment Processing

In MLM (Multilevel Marketing) Business, payment processing is crucial. A simple and secure money transaction system is vital for any MLM Software. Infinite MLM Software comes with the latest automatic payment processing methods, offering world-renowned payment gateways like PayPal, credit card, E-cheque, and E-wallet. Trustworthy and convenient payment options for all users.

2. E-Commerce Integration

E-commerce integration is a vital feature in all online business software, and the Infinite MLM software makes the most of it. By integrating ecommerce, businesses can tap into the advantages of online shopping and services. E-commerce essentially means buying & selling products and services through the internet using electronic devices. Embrace this powerful tool for seamless online transactions.

3. Support plans

It plans are the most important aspect of multi-level marketing business opportunity . This software has more plan support means more genuine the software is, infinite MLM software supports a couple of various plans including binary plan, matrix plan, dis level plan, board plan and more

4. Support Systems/ Ticket System

Our support system comes with a range of enhanced features, including email notifications, responses, file attachments, tracking time spent on tickets, reply and article rating, SPAM prevention, detailed reports, multi-language support, and much more. It efficiently manages all your queries through tickets, web forums, and telephone calls. The system prioritizes queries based on their importance and keeps you updated on their status.

5. Electronic-Pin

This feature is widely used in many software for generating PINs and registering new members using E-PINs. Infinite Software offers top-notch E-PIN integration, ensuring secure transactions. Organizations prefer E-PINs for their business transactions due to their high level of security. In this software, E-PINs are generated for various purposes such as online purchases, registrations, sign-ups, member renewals, and more. Experience the convenience & safety of using E-PINs for your transactions with our user-friendly software.

6. E-Wallet

E-Wallet is cloud based storage medium for keeping information for e- money transactions avoiding entering user data each time of a transaction. E-wallet ensure the E-commerce transactions rapid and safe. In this Software systems it act as a virtual account where’s the member can make transactions with the amount available in the account. Software provides inbuilt E-wallet option.

7. Website Replication

With this software we will have an individual site which will in turn helps for the promotions. Website replication is another important for this software. Website replication allows to all members to have their own site .

8. CMS website design

Content Management System (CMS) is the most used web technologies in present era. In this era of digital marketing, we need to up to date on our site in order to get good business through the web. For that we have regularly updated our site contents and options makes it easy.

9. Multilingual support

This offers global customers a valuable feature – multi-language support. We ensure that our software package caters to the language requirements of our customers, allowing them to conduct their business comfortably in their preferred language. This flexibility provides an excellent opportunity for users worldwide to handle their transactions and operations in a way that aligns with their language preferences.

10. Strong Backup

Additionally, this software offers a highly secures backup option, ensuring the safety & protection of your data at all time .

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