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Online Exam Portal

Online Exam Portal

Online Exam Portal

Price - 60k ₹


Online Exam Portal:

Price – 60,000/- ₹

This Portal is the important mode to track the students capabilities through test. This software for testing students in high levels to act their best in the next examinations. Exam portal Online is not only looking into the down marks of students, but also assisting to the students & educational institutes transcend geographical boundaries & time. The Exam Portal Online provides intensive tools to administrator, monitor and grade exams on-line. This portal is primary want for colleges, universities, teachers, professors, Employees, Partners, Technicians, website Members or anyone you would like to allowed secure the access to your Content.

Admin Panel

Student Panel

Product Features:

1- Rank Generated
2- Net Marks Scored
3- Section-Wise Marks Scored
4- Net Percentage Scored
5- Section-Wise Percentage Scored
6- Final Result
7- Section-Wise Result
8- Net Positive Marks
9- Section-Wise Positive Marks
10- Net Negative Marks
11- Section-Wise Negative Marks
12- Net Attempted Questions
13- Section-Wise Attempted Questions
14- Net Skipped Questions
15- Section-Wise Skipped Questions
16- Net Correct Questions
17- Net Incorrect Questions
18- Difficulty Level of a Questions
19- Examination Management
Our Exam Manager is one the most advanced with the following features:

a–Create exam section wise.
b–Assign name and marks to each section.
c— Assign section wise passing marks.
d–Make password secured exam.
e–Section wise assign order to questions in an exam.

20- Our Exam Manager allows: 

a–Refreshing during live exam/test has no effect on reverse timer.
b–Student answer selection is fed into system in real time.
c–Student can the change the chosen option.
d–Unmarked the selected option.
e–Mark for review feature.
f–No effect of internet connection lost.
g–Back up is maintained on internet.

21- Variety of Question Type:- 

a–Single Choice Questions
b–Multiple Choice Questions
c–Match the Column
d–Assertion and Reason Type
e–Fill in the blanks
f–True or False
g–Integer Type
h–One Word Type
i–Yes or No Type

Online exam through our software uses revolutionary modes to make process quick, simple and effective. Students get results instantly and compare with others. It is a wonderful App.

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