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Call Management App:

Call management app is the most important application used by a large number of mobile users. This app not only make your daily call management easy but also provides some extra features to provide some uncommon call-related tasks that are not possible with the native commands. Android & iOS users have the advantage of a massive collection of apps for almost every situation. Each of these applications is available through “Google Play” & “i App store” so you can rest assured that they are free from any kind of malware.

Product Features:

1- Interactive Voice Response

Interactive Voice Response allows incoming phone calls to be properly categorized and qualified without using live agent resources. It also acts as the company’s welcoming committee as the first point of interaction with a customer.

2- Call Recording Software

The ability to record every phone call reduces the amount of manpower needed to monitor performance. Call recording or call management software allows agent performance and phone call protocols to be monitored and refined efficiently with random numbers.

3- Automatic Call Distributor

It identifies routes incoming phone calls to the proper locations, departments or agents depending on preset criteria. This is typically able to process and manage large call volumes better than a human operator.

4- Skills Based Routing

Ideally you want your phone calls to be sent to the agent or department that will best serve the customer. As a function of this product, skill based routing ensures your customers are deal with efficiently and effectively. By enabling the ability to route calls based on the skills of the relevant authority, time is saved by the customer.

5- Click to Call

The ability for a customer agent to simply click on a phone number to initiate a call improves efficiency and lowers barriers for quick and effective communication. Just click and call all logs and database in your hand.


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