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Facebook Data Extractor:

click on DEMO button to see demo.
click on DEMO button to see demo.
user id: brosis, password: brosis

Facebook Business Data Extractor is a tool that captures contact information such as business name, address, phone number, Email, websites, number of likes and other important information from Facebook. It will extract all kind of information like phone number, email, address, website address, company name, city, fan page link etc. You can search by any category or keyword like doctors, real estate, travel companies etc and in any location, city, state or country. You can use zip codes or a radius in meters also this is also a criteria to search data.

Product Features:

1- Browses through enter specified searching keywords or category, and extract the detail information you need.


2- Search profile by Phone Number, User Name, Email, Keywords, Website URL, Groups, Industry, Business Name, City, County Or other parameters.


3- Extracts data fields through Profile Name, Phone Number, Category, Like Page URL, City, Country, Email, Fan Page URL, Description, and many more.

Stores output data in CSV, MS-Access, XML, HTML Files.


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