Go Live


Go Live: Video Conferencing, Audio Conferencing & Meeting Android App –Zoom App Clone

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Price – 1,50,000/- ₹

Go Live :

Today’s world is interconnected and our team is providing you with ease to connect with your family, friends, colleagues, and employees through our app with much efficiency in today’s digital world.

Go Live :

Free video call and meeting app are designed simply to provide the user with an easy to operate, as the user is our priority. Complexity is much avoided in designed keeping in mind the demand and work conditions of our territory which makes it user friendly. Go Live native Android app is written in Java and the latest material design guidelines are followed. We focus on providing an easier to use the product as well as cost-saving.


* Face to Face communication

* Group Work

* Clear Communication

* Simplify management and Usability

* Increase Communication reliability

* Home Screen

* Create OR Join

* Meeting History

* Meeting Scheduler

* Conference Call

* User Profile

* Login and Register

* Record Meetings

* Real-time Chat

* Admob Integrated

* Picture-in-Picture

* More options

* Developed Using View Binding

* Mode

* Screen Sharing


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