Online Courier management software System


Price – 35,000/- ₹

We always believe creating a technology which is straightforward to use for the clients and their customers. BroSis Tech may be a step towards that which helps in simplifying the prevailing manual system and facilitates users to store unlimited information with easy accessibility and quick retrieval of knowledge at a click of a button.
Our Courier Management System is beneficial in managing and monitoring day to day activities like hub rates, return, out a return, company details, booking, pickup centers, non-delivery, incoming couriers, and account management. Automation is required, as this is often a really hectic process if you probably did it manually. BroSis Tech may be a solution to the present because it improves the return on efforts and saves time and money.
BroSis Tech – The courier software may be a delight factor for you and your customer because it keeps you updated on your business and ensures on-time delivery and quick actions to supply efficient and world-class service to your clients.



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